How do the “make your own cards” work?

Just make $#*! up. Make it something good that you would love to see the opposing team do if they lose.

How to Play Bad Aim?

Check out our video tutorial on the How to Play page.

Does the whole team need to do the truths and dares?

We suggest the whole team. But if someone on your team is really dragging you down, throw them to the wolves. (For legal reasons we need to tell you that’s a joke, you shouldn't actually throw your friend to wolves.)

How do you pick challenges for the board?

Draw four challenge cards. Each card has four challenges on it. Read them all and choose which challenges you want your opponents to do. For example, if you want to see the green team wash their hair with milk, put the card with this challenge face-up in one of the green frames.

How many players can play Bad Aim?

2-10 players. Bad Aim is a team-based game but you can also play 1 vs.1 if you like.

How to aim?

Don't know how to shoot a toy blaster? How adorable.

What happens if I shoot down the other team’s card?

Walk away … Walk far away. That’s like scoring on your own net.

How far away from the board should we be?

That depends how much of a lil bitch you are. We suggest 6FT to 12 FT

How do we win?

It's a race. First team to shoot down their targets wins! If you have a Green Blaster shoot down the green targets. If you have a Yellow Blaster shoot down the yellow targets.

Does each team take turns shooting or do they shoot at the same time?

Both teams shoot simultaneously. On each team, one player takes a shot then passes the blaster to the teammate behind them. Move as fast as possible. IT'S A RACE.