What is the recommended age?

This game is for immature adults aged 17+.

What supplies do I need to play bad aim?

Everything you need is included in the box. But some dares might require some props like mayonnaise or other household staples. If you don’t have these handy, use another card.

Frames too tight? (That’s what she said)

Cards won't fall down? Try leaning them back a little bit before the game. This should help you knock 'em down. If they're still a little tight, throw some lube on it. A bit of olive oil on the bars will do the trick.

Are the blasters compatible with other darts?

Yes, our blasters work with darts made by other major brands. However we don’t suggest it. The Bad Aim board is designed for the power of the blasters provided.

What’s included in the box?

2 x Foam Dart Blasters, 24 x Foam Darts, 1 x Target Board of Shame, 50 x double-sided game cards. Game cards include over 175 humiliations, truths, dares and penalties.

Can we play outdoors?

That depends - Are your neighbors chill or lame AF? It's gonna get loud. Bad Aim can be played outside if there is no rain but it's really an indoor game. If you do play outside, you should bring something to weigh down the board. (If not it may blow over in the wind).